What to Expect

What to Expect

The philosophy at Physi-Kuhl Therapy is to identify the problem and address that problem through a quick and detailed treatment plan.

The problem is the issue that is affecting your daily life. This problem could be pain, weakness, or it could even be unsteadiness when you walk. Regardless of what the problem is, Alex will find the cause and treat the issue.

The quickness of the plan refers to days and weeks, not months and years. Insurance companies are covering less and less and patients are expected to pay more and more. There is no longer an endless time frame to address your complaint.

The details of the treatment plan are anatomically specific. Alex is a manual therapist. His hands will always be a vital component of the treatment plan. Knowledge of the human anatomy and how pain is generated is of the utmost importance for Alex to diagnose and treat your problem. Physical therapy is not alternative medicine – it is an evidence-based practice that has been providing functional benefits to patients for over 100 years.

The one question that is continually asked at the initial evaluation is a question that Alex has termed the magic crystal ball question. Many clinicians have a hard time providing the answer to this difficult question because their goal is to keep you as long as possible for revenue purposes. At Physi-Kuhl Therapy, not only will we provide a better physical result for your issue/complaint, but we guarantee fewer visits than the competitor. We have three goals: (1) get you better (2) save you money (3) save you time.