Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

    -Vertigo and dizziness
    -Gait unsteadiness (“wobbly”)
    -BPPV (“ear rocks”)
    -Core and hip weakness (anti-fall risk strengthening)
    -Visual tracking issues

    Back and Neck Pain

    -Neck pain and headaches, back pain
    -Arthritis (pain in joints)
    -Thoracic outlet syndrome
    -Intervertebral disc pathology
    -Stenosis, facet syndrome, sciatica
    -Clinical instability
    -Degenerative disc disease
    -Post-partum core strengthening and musculature re-training

    Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

    -Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow 
    -Tendonitis, bursitis
    -Shoulder impingement syndrome 
    -Frozen shoulder
    -Foot/ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis 
    -Patella femoral syndrome (pain under the kneecap)
    -Hip pain, knee pain, repetitive trauma injuries

    Pre/Post-Operative Therapy

    -Knee replacements, Hip replacements 
    -ACL reconstruction
    -Knee arthroscopy, Shoulder arthroscopy, Hip arthroscopy
    -Rotator Cuff Repair
    -Lumbar and cervical fusions
    -Rehab following casting/bracing immobility

    Neurological Conditions

    -Stroke (CVA)
    -Traumatic brain injuries 
    -Spinal cord injuries
    -Parkinson’s disease
    -Multiple sclerosis
    -Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 
    -Cerebral palsy
    -Guillain barre syndrome 
    -Other progressive neurological conditions

    Work Injury and Industrial Rehab

    -Pre-employment screenings
    -Work-place ergonomic evaluations and consultations
    -Return-to-work training